hi! I'm Lucas Faria, nice to meet you. 👋

This page is where you can find a bit more about me, my work and my interests.

Here's the summary, and then you can decide if you wanna learn more:

  • Product-minded software engineer. Focused on creating business value and understanding the 'why'.
  • Worked with companies of all sizes. Early-stage startups (Increment, Booqsi), software consulting (ioasys) and large corporations (Coinbase, Brex).
  • Main tools are TypeScript, Node, NextJS, React, React Native, SQL, and No-SQL databases. Usually deploying on AWS, Vercel or Convex.
  • Ramping up on Kotlin (backend-focused), Go, Kubernetes and event-driven architectures (featuring Kafka).
  • Passionate about creating magical interactions in software. On the UI, response times, whatever needs more love.

Living together with my fiancée Iara since 2020 and our three little pets, Ayla, Luan, and Luna. I love coding, cooking, reading, nature, and animals! 🌵🐾📚🍳

Christmas photo of me, my fiancée Iara, and our three pets, Ayla, Luan and Luna.
All five of us in the last Christmas! 🎄

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